My compositions are influenced by tango, the music of Astor Piazzolla, J.S. Bach and Jazz. I earned solid background in counterpoint, classic harmony and composition with Diego Gardiner at the Conservatorio López Buchardo. With Julian Peralta I learned orchestration for tango ensembles. I visited the lessons of Juan Falú where I studied Argentine folklore. To complete my profile I worked over Jazz harmony, Kletzmer and German popular music of the 20’s and 30’s.


Individual composing:

Film, television, theater, corporate image
Specially tailored to your project

Serious and popular music
Solo instrument, string quartet, chamber-and large ensembles
Unique, handmade, with professional musicians produced in renowned studios
Authentic, distinctive music which makes your project unique

Música original para obra teatral de Pacho O’ Donnell “Leandro y Lisandro”:

Año 2010. Cuarteto para bandoneón, vibráfono, trompeta y contrabajo.

Autor: Pacho O´Donnell. Director: Gerardo La Regina. Con Mario Alarcón y Juan Vitali. Escenógrafo: Daniel Pérez Acosta.

leandro y lisandro


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