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biandunga dúo

Bernardo Fingas: Bandoneon; Alejo de los Reyes: Guitar.

“In the dialect of the Lunfardo `La Biandunga’ means short, purposeful impact and the two musicians create it purposefully into the hearts of their listeners…. This duo is not only a tribute to the great masters of the genre; it has created its own new tango, that does not want to deny his roots. A tango as a witty conversation between two people trusted each other

Gerardo La Regina.

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BiandungaDuo was born in 2007 in Buenos Aires. Since this time it takes place in the hearts of his audience. In Buenos Aires, and on concert tours to Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.


TANGO was born more than a century ago in the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. There was a unique mixture of Immigrants from different origins and religions From the Spanish, Tango gets the passion, from the Italians, the melancholy and the Germans gave the soul: The bandonion, which is transformed into the bandoneón.


Duos with guitar and bandoneón have a permanent place in Tango history. Its unique multi-faceted sound facinates musicians and audiences. Stars like Aníbal Troilo and Leopoldo Federico create in this format a style which is recognized in the whole world.

With great respect and enthusiasm Bernardo Fingas on bandoneón and Alejo de Reyes on guitar interpret this musical heritage in a very personal way. Conversely as the Tango itself the BiandungaDuo offers a wide musical range: From the intimate atmosphere of a closely dancing couple, to the open, sometimes overwhelming city climate of Buenos Aires. Arrangement and improvisation come together creating a space for spontaneous dialogue and new ideas with a surprising variety of fresh sounds and musical density


The BiandungaDuo takes you on a musical journey through the ancient cafes, on the Corrientes Avenue, with glittering lights to the milongas and the narrow streets of San Telmo. Into the noble Cofiteria Ideal and the simple bars, from where comes the sad sound of a bandoneon and the perfume of cheap wine.


Especially for dancers BiandungaDuo :has a huge repertory of dance classics in the style of the great Milonga orchestras like Troilo, De Angelis,D’Arienzo. And also slow and romantic interpretations wich go directly into the heart of the Milongueras y Milongueros. A milonga event with BiandungDuo will be certainly unforgettable.